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Dog & Cat Boarding in Garner

Dog & cat boarding in Garner, NC.
After veterinary surgery, your furry friend may need to recover under our staff’s care. Our facility in Garner allows for pet boarding, an inviting environment in which your cat or dog can relax and recover without the stimulations and hazards often associated with being home. Our staff at Garner Animal Hospital will do everything in our power to ensure that your furry friend is cozy and happy during its stay.

Here are some of the benefits of having your pet stay a little longer with us:

  • Separation of canines and felines. Whether you bring in a kitten, puppy, adult or senior pet, we recognize that not all animals want to interact with other animals, so we keep the species separate.

  • Comfort. Nothing beats a soft place to lie with the right temperature and amount of light. We’ll check on your little one to make sure that the place meets its style of a comfort.

  • Play time. Most pets long for a little break from the tranquility and have energy to expend. We’ll help choose the activity and intensity that’s right for your fuzzy buddy.

  • Quiet time. After undergoing a procedure and being medicated, your canine or feline will need a little space to rest that is free of noise. We’ll make sure that other animals do not disturb your precious one.

  • No opportunities to escape. When recovering from a procedure, sometimes aches and pains cloud an animal’s thinking. We’ll take care that your precious pal is always safe within our premises.

  • Medication dispensing. We’ll add the dosage to our schedule and administer it on time and with care.

Call For More Information

Let us know if you’re looking for pet boarding for your furry friend. If you have any questions or concerns, give us a call in Garner at 919-772-0404.

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