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Skilled Vet Performing Pet Surgery in Garner

Skilled veterinarian performing pet surgery in Garner, NC.
We at Garner Animal Hospital want what’s best for your pet’s health, and at times that involves performing an operation. If a problem needs to be addressed, our Garner staff will run diagnostic tests, and with the results at hand, discuss what options you and your four-legged friend have for resolving it. To improve the health of your precious pal, a veterinary surgeon may need to perform one of the following pet surgery procedures:

  • Post-trauma soft tissue repair

  • Foreign body removal

  • Tumor or skin biopsy

  • Feline declawing

The Importance of Spaying & Neutering Your Cats & Dogs

Removing the ability for your dog or cat to reproduce is good for you, your pet and the community. Neutered male dogs are less aggressive and more likely to stay home, rather than wander away in search of a mate. In addition, it reduces the risk of perineal hernias, testicular tumors and certain prostate problems. Spayed females will no longer go through heat cycles that can leave a constant mess around the house. It also eliminates the risk of a uterine infection called pyometra that would require a risky emergency surgery and often additional days of hospitalization to receive antibiotics and intravenous fluids. For cats, neutering a male often reduces the pungent odor of tomcat urine. Above all, one of the greatest benefits is keeping the stray animal population under control.

If you have a kitten or young canine, handling surgery of this type is often most effective when done early on. For example, spaying your female dog before her first heat cycle significantly reduces her risk of developing mammary cancer in later years.

Surgeons You Can Trust

We’ve been gently helping four-legged friends in Garner for more than 54 years. The operations we perform include anesthesia and other pain management techniques to ensure that your pet is comfortable. To schedule surgery or pet dental care, give us a call at 919-772-0404.

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